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A country boy with a bohemian heart and city smarts, Willow is a singer songwriter whose body of work reflects the diversity and colour of a life well-lived. Through the stories of his songs, Willow expresses the maturity of living authentically in a world that often favours conformity.

His distinct musicality and performance style has been developed through years of playing in big bands, cabaret, theatre and music festivals. An accomplished performer, he merges these diverse experiences to create his own blend of contemporary country music.

Willow has the Australian Army to thank for his name. Born Gary Leonard Wilson, he changed his name by deed poll in 1994 after his service ended. “When you arrive at Kapooka for basic training your first name becomes ‘recruit’, no one in your platoon knows or hears your given name, so Wilson became Willow… and it stuck.”

From 2012, Willow dedicated himself to caring for family in his small hometown of Sapphire in Central Queensland (population: not many).  During this time, he ran a pop-up coffee trailer, developed a community choir, was MC and performed for the Gemfields Spectacular, and conceived, planned and hosted the Sapphire Gemfields inaugural Mardi Gras.

“While this crazy little thing called life has sometimes had other plans, music never stopped calling me. My diverse life experiences are now steeped in the colours of my songs, and I bring all of myself to my performances in a way I never could have in my youth.” Willow

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