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Please Make It Me

This beautiful track 'Please Make It Me' is a stand out on Willow's debut album 'Out Of My Hands' and is a very personal window into the soul of a songwriter who is willing to share his true life experience through his unique gifts as a singer and songwriter.

Small Hometown

Willow's new single, 'Small Hometown', is a cheeky homage to growing up and living in a small town in Central Queensland. The song encapsulates the essence in which country people go about their lives; with good will and a great sense of humour.

Enjoy x Willow



Animated by Alex Major - Sloppytoons -

See more of Alex Major's artwork at

Hey guys, here is the film clip for my debut single 'Release'.


Being in lockdown I was unable to do a traditional clip so instead turned to the beautiful art of animation to create and tell the story of this song.


'Release' is my love letter to the incredible Australian landscape and was inspired by my many travels across the diverse and inspirational land I call home. I wanted to portray my connection not only to the land but to the sky above and the oceans that surround us, as well as the importance of sharing this place with all other creatures great and small.

Enjoy x


Willow recording 'Release' in the studio

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